Friday, 4 December 2015

Vlogmas and lots of Christmassy Love

Hey my lovely Y-Crew so this is my first post using the Blogger app. I'm kind of still learning because it's really different to using my laptop. Also, I am VERY aware that Christmas is a couple of days away. Everyone is counting down the days and I can hardly keep up with watching my Vlogmas Videos on YouTube because I am subscribed to many people.
So I am really happy that Apple have given their devices an update to accommodate Christmassy emojis like Santa and a Christmas tree. But just search them on google images and you will be able to see these amazing emojis.

Also, if some of you have been noticing my inactivity on Google+ in terms of posts, it is because I haven't got the Google+ app that is because I follow all my followers (around 70 people + my favourite YouTubers and singers) so I get a lot of notifications from Google+ and they send emails to my Gmail so... This is how many Gmail notifications I have. So yesterday when it was actual numbers not dots it had 25,257 emails. And boy, that's a lot! I keep it deleted.

So enough about gmail! I want to know about your Christmas, I want to know if you even CELEBRATE Christmas, because myself I am not a Christian. But I respect the fact of Christmas and love it all the same as it is someone's celebration and I feel everyone should celebrate celebrating  that sounds awesome but dumb 

So I am wishing everyone a Happy Holiday, not a merry Christmas because some people don't celebrate it. And everyone has holidays so happy holidays everyone. Lots and lots and lots of love from your one and only friend,

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