Tuesday, 12 April 2016

"Invisible Disabilities"

Hey guys, I have been thinking for a while what I want to post about and I think I want to talk about "invisible disabilities" these are things that infect us on the inside and doesn't really make us LOOK different.
These things consist of: autism,bipolar depression and anxiety... The last two are quite common and everyone experiences it once in their lifetime but get it in different ways, I will go through what each of them impact and how to deal with them.


Bipolar is a mental illness like all of these and it's named after the two poles - you're either on the top of the world or the bottom. This means at times you could be on a high and really happy and laughing and then at other times you could be really depressed.

A way to tackle this is to consistently take lithium (a medicine that fights against bipolar) and don't stop them. Lithium is always prescribed by a doctor and don't take them less or more than needed. If you stop taking lithium you can become extremely ill and in extreme cases may be life threatening.


Autism is a lifelong disability which impacts how they communicate with others and their sense of the outside world. They may start later than other children to start talking, some start as late as 3 or 4. They also may fidget a lot and struggle to keep still.

Autism is something harder to deal with, but just always tell some responsible adult how you're feeling and don't turn down someone who is trying to help.

Depression and anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are kind of linked but impact people differently. For anxiety you're more nervous and depression you're more sad. Just tell someone about it and speak up and you'll get over it, you guys are strong and I know it.

Lots of love,
-Yosra- xox

Saturday, 9 April 2016

How To Pick A Prom Dress

Yes I am a British girl but I do know what prom is. And I just think it would make an interesting post and I really like looking for dresses. So, prom season is coming up anyway and many people are going to prom and if you guys have a date then WHOOP WHOOP for you. Congrats :)
But if you don't then, yay you're part of the lonely club - the club that I'm president of :D I'm hilarious I know xD

But let me give you some tips for picking a prom dress...

1) Go with your date
This is not a dried food thingy or something you find on your calendar, it's the person you are going with to your prom... Your boyfriend whatever! xD But then you can get your opinions.
If your date is not around then a best friend who knows you well will also be great! Probably even better.

2) Always go to shops to buy it... Not online
Many people buy lots of things online, but prom dresses should not be on that list, it's something very important that makes a statement about you and you don't want to buy it and find the waist too tight or something similar. Go to the shops because there you can actually try it on and feel the material and see how it feels on you before you even buy it. 

Also sometimes colours look more subtle online... say a baby pink and then when you order it you see it's pure fuchsia xD! So that's my tip... Just buy it at the store... And it's more fun.

3) Know what colours suit you
Depending on skin tone, eye colour and hair colour different colours will suit you (are you more warm or more cool) and you must know... I will insert a quiz here so you can check what colours suit you:

I did the quiz and I am a cool person... If you're cool this is what is said:Try sticking to jewel-toned makeup and clothing, including blue, purple, blue-green, green, magenta, and bluish-red shades. For foundation, you'll probably look best in formulations with a bluish or pink undertone. And be sure to reach for the black mascara when it comes to eye makeup; it's sure to make your eyes pop.

If you're a warm person it said:
Try sticking to earthier makeup and clothing, such as yellow, orange, brown, orangey-reds, and yellow-green shades. For foundation, you'll probably look best in formulations with a yellow or golden undertone. And be sure to reach for the deep brick-red lipstick when it comes to a night out on the town; it's sure to make your complexion pop.

Sometimes this doesn't always work out with your make up but it's usually correct when it comes to dress colours. 

Don't let other people hold you down, if you feel and think you look great then go with it and don't hold back. You want to stand out not stay with people with the same style of dress and colour. You are an amazing human being and you have your own style - not restrict yourself.

Cheesy again! Yas I'm very good at that.

Anyway I can't wait to see you again,
Lots of Love,
-Yosra- xox