Tuesday, 12 April 2016

"Invisible Disabilities"

Hey guys, I have been thinking for a while what I want to post about and I think I want to talk about "invisible disabilities" these are things that infect us on the inside and doesn't really make us LOOK different.
These things consist of: autism,bipolar depression and anxiety... The last two are quite common and everyone experiences it once in their lifetime but get it in different ways, I will go through what each of them impact and how to deal with them.


Bipolar is a mental illness like all of these and it's named after the two poles - you're either on the top of the world or the bottom. This means at times you could be on a high and really happy and laughing and then at other times you could be really depressed.

A way to tackle this is to consistently take lithium (a medicine that fights against bipolar) and don't stop them. Lithium is always prescribed by a doctor and don't take them less or more than needed. If you stop taking lithium you can become extremely ill and in extreme cases may be life threatening.


Autism is a lifelong disability which impacts how they communicate with others and their sense of the outside world. They may start later than other children to start talking, some start as late as 3 or 4. They also may fidget a lot and struggle to keep still.

Autism is something harder to deal with, but just always tell some responsible adult how you're feeling and don't turn down someone who is trying to help.

Depression and anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are kind of linked but impact people differently. For anxiety you're more nervous and depression you're more sad. Just tell someone about it and speak up and you'll get over it, you guys are strong and I know it.

Lots of love,
-Yosra- xox


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