Monday, 28 December 2015

Quotes are like... Haha!

Man I am stupid. I went halfway through Blogmas and quit. What a quitter am I??? Sorry guys, but anyway, I thought I will show you some of my favourite quotes to lighten to mood, eh? Hahaha!
Anywayyyy, after this there's no talking just pictures of funny quotes featuring some minions maybe...
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Oh my god! Minion overload and it's hella cute to be honest, and yeah I hope you smiled and forgot about the Blogmas thing. Oh Lord! I just reminded you *facepalm*
Well until next time guys,
Lots of Love,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Family Is Life | Blogmas Day 14 & 15

I don't know about you but love means everything to me, they stick with me through thick and thin and I know I can depend on them. They will not change their love for me as they know me so well and know me even more than my best friend. I love every member of my family equally and could not choose between them they are all amazing. Thank you for sticking with me even though I am a very stubborn and weird kid :D.

I have gone through a lot of difficult things throughout my life and they were the only people who were consistent and stuck with me. I love them so and I love all those people who are in my very distant family. I know I would love you if I met you :D.

Even though this is very short it is very important to me and I wouldn't swap my family to be empress of the universe. They mean so much to me and yes :)
Lots of love,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

Monday, 14 December 2015

OMG so sorry | Blogmas Day 12 & 13

I can't believe that this is happening again, I am being really inconsistent with my blog and I really wanted to be like one of the first people to Blog everyday of December. It would have been an amazing achievement if I had done it. However, since Day 10 I have been really lazy and very tired.

It kills me to think that people might be waiting for a blog but then are feeling let down when I'm not posting consistently. It's because I am not home that much so I am going to do Blogmas one every two days. That would be easier, I can start one day and then finish another and post etc...

I have just made this today and I am really sad that I haven't got enough time to make a blog, however I want you to keep reading, keep sharing and keep staying beautiful. Live your life be free and love the world :)

Saturday, 12 December 2015

My Fave Popstars | Blogmas Day 10 & 11

Okay guys so, this is linked to the other music blog post that I made and it's my favourite pop stars. I am doing 10 people but it's not in order because I love them all equally and I love them for different reasons, also I may not have put all of my favourite singers but here are just some. Additionally, I just made this intro so you guys don't hate on me :) Also I couldn't make a blog yesterday so this is yesterday's and today's blog (:
1) Ariana Grande

Of course Miss Grande had to be in this, she is so glamorous and her voice in unbelieveable, and I am obsessed with her new song 'Focus' 
If you want to know this picture is of Ariana Grande in the 2015 Grammys.
FOCUS ON HER, F-F-FOCUS ON HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is #BodyGoals and #HairGoals 

Just saying :)

2) Taylor Swift
Oh my god, I am just obsessed with pictures from the Grammys, everyone just looks so majestic and everything. She is so gorgeous and this dress fits her perfectly, she knows how to make songs for everyone: catchy and upbeat or slow and emotional. I think she's really brave by going through all of those break ups and I'm so glad she made a video with all of her friends in the video BAD BLOOOOOOOD!!!!! :)

3) Selena Gomez
Omigod this picture is #GOALS AF. This is her Adidias photo shoot and she looks so cute. I love her little baby face and her hair is gorgeous. I <3 Selena so much and she's so cuteeeeeeeee and her songs are amazing!!!!!

4) Adele
All hail the British Queen of Music. She knows how to SING THOUGH!!!!!!!!  Most music artists dream about getting even ONE grammy and the next thing you see is that Adele has TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) Katy Perry

This dress is my bae and don't even get me STARTED on her cute hair. I love her so much and her singing is so beautiful, I was devastated when my friends told me she was illuminati. And I haven't heard a song from her for ages, I hope she hasn't gone off singing because she is amazing and I <3 her.

6) Justin Bieber
Here is a new entry that is going to stay here because his latest album has been amazing, I haven't really been interested in him before but now after What Do You Mean has come out I am devoted. I love the song Love Yourself and he picks the best dancers for his videos. Well done JB x

7) Little Mix
These girls are so pretty and cute and unique, I have been their fans since they released their song Wings. I used to love One Direction but then fell in love with LM's songs and that's it.
I <3 Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy

8) Ellie Goulding

Dear Ellie,
I need your hair and your voice, thank you xxx
Sweet Kawaii xxx

So guys that's all I have for this blog post, I hope you like it :) 
Lots of love,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Divergent Movie Review | Blogmas Day 9

I was watching Divergent in my school. And OH MY GOD it's awesome. So I will tell you a bit about it, and PS: Tris is like so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
So this is what it looks like and didn't I tell you it looks awesome, it's based on a book (which I haven't read... Sorry!)

Basically, there is this girl called Tris, who is the main character. As each person goes into adulthood they are divided into factions, Tris (or Beatrice) is a told she is a Divergent so she won't be able to fit into any of the factions. But when it comes to the faction choosing she's drawn to Dauntless,  train up to be the police.

She has to undergo many tests and people are always being  dismissed, she has to earn points to stay. It's a very sci-fi action movie. I think it is for mature 12+ or maybe 14+... I'm not sure, but there are some inappropriate scenes that twelve year olds may not take seriously or something.

Btw if you want to know who and who are going to hook up it's Tris (the girl in the picture) and Four (the man, who is also the one who's training them -_-).

I won't give away any more of the plot, I would rate this

3 Stars Out of 4

So yeah guys, I hope you liked this review and I hope you will like it and if you've already seen it then I hope you liked it.
So I will see you tomorrow,
Lot's of love,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Top 10 emojis | Blogmas Day 8

Thank you +Ayman Chalhani, my brother, for giving me the idea of this blog post. I have racked through my brains for ages and I had no idea what to make and I questioned my siblings and my brother knew I had a slight obsession with emojis (I say slight... I LOVE THEM!!!) So I thought I would do this blog post. Also, I am so glad that you can now get skin tones on emojis now because before my friends were depressed trying to find an emoji with the same skin tone. One of them were so sad because there were no black people emojis. But it's all changed and know they're happy (thank goodness.) But I can't say that cats aren't feeling left out because there's only a yellow cat emoji, LOL :D
So let's get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10) Shocked Emoji :O

Do not judge me it is a masterpiece, it's perfect for joking around or actual serious stuff. It's a mix and it's definitely one of my friend's favourite emojis. Even though it's super cute I cannot give it a first place so it will have to make-do with tenth sorry!!!
9) Tiger emoji =^o^=
Tell me this is not the cutest thing you've ever seen, it's so cute!!! I just put it instead of a love heart sometimes because it's so cute, That's the only way I can describe it... cute... Sorry! But it's not any higher than ninth because I don't use it that much. Sorry Tiger!! ):

8) Poop/Choc ice cream Emoji :'D
This is the best way to start a conversation, however I don't know if it's just people's dirty minds thinking it's a poop. Hmmm... lemme research it... Yaas I knew it it was a CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM EMOJI!!! But still it's really cheeky let's say (;
Anyway, everyone is gonna still think it's a poop emoji, so let's not stop the fun, right? I guess people won't think it was a poop emoji if there was a strawberry and a vanilla, but then people would probably think that people actually poop out pink and white poop... So that's probably not a good idea. 

7) Party Emoji (YAAAAAAAAAAAAS (:)
Yaaaaay, I just had to include the party emoji, especially awesome when you want to say Happy Birthday to a friend. It's so cute as well and if you are a party animal then you will send it whenever you say hi. Hi *party emoji*, whatssup *party emoji*, what u doing today *party emoji*
Though it might get a teensy bit annoying, but then again WHO CARES?! :D
6) Santa Emoji
Obviously as it's Vlogmas I had to insert some Santas, and I'm really happy Apple made some Santa emojis and in different skin tones. I think all of them are cute and awesome because they show diversity and stuff. So yeah!! :)

5) Red Heart <3
Awwww, this is so cute and I love sending this to family members and friends, whenever I say goodbye I use a heart emoji. It just shows and spreads love and I want you to use the hashtag #Spreadthelove FEEL THE LOVE GUYS... FEEEEL THE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) Cute smiley emoji

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh, that is all because it's cute... You got it????

3) Laughing emoji :'D
This is the best emoji for funny situations, it's hilarious and it looks really weird and funny. It can compare to real life emotions and I <3 it so much.

2) Heart Eye Emoji _
Kawaii! I love this and I always use it like when Zoella shows Nala in one of her videos and stuff, I don't really use it to describe people it's just when I see something I like basically LOL :D

1) Kissy Face Emoji ^-^

Okay guys so that's all for this post, I hope you like it, it has been very fun to make and I hope you enjoy reading it. Don't forget to share and comment. And follow me on Google+ to keep up to date with my posts (:
Lots of Love,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My New Link | Blogmas Day 7

Hello guys so today I am telling you that I am making a new link for my blog as this one:
Makes no sense now because I have changed the username of my Gmail account. It's also not going to be about my new username. It's going to be something cute and quirky and unique. I want it to be special, even though it's just a link. I feel like it's going to give me a whole reputation and will give someone an idea of what my blog is about when they search it in their search bar.

I also want some of you to promote your own blogs in either my comments on Google+ or on here. I want to check them out because I feel that everyone's hard work should be appreciated, it's all important and special. Like everyone else is :) 

I am trying to squeeze as much as I can out of this post because I don't want you to be wasting your time. Anyway this is my new link:

Also guys, I hope you're all happy because the school term is soon approaching us and we will not have school for 2 weeks. I'm seriously so happy. But, since I am in year *boop* I am having a lot of tests for the teachers to see our "abilities." Like what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyhoooooooo, I am going to Superdrug in the weekend to buy a Zoella make up bag, dunno which one yet and some Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

Who thinks YouTuber's brands are awesome "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

OKay I have run out of ideas for this post,
See you tomorrow guys,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

Monday, 7 December 2015

What To Write In XMas Cards | Blogmas Day 6

Christmas cards are the most difficult things to right, you don't want to spend until next Christmas righting them so you have to write something heartfelt but still not too long. So here are some that I made up myself. I have put them into sections (eg: for parents, for friends, for partners, for children etc....)
So I hope you gather some inspiration from these mini quotes I have made for Christmas cards:
For your children
Dear my lovely child [insert name],
I love seeing you grow each Christmas and each one is more magical than the last. Santa has been very proud of you and so am I. Rudolph has a soft spot for you, I hope you have an amazing Christmas my little star. I love you so much [insert name]. 
Lots of love,
[insert your name] xxx

For your parents
Dear my favourite [mum/dad] in the world,
You have made each Christmas an amazing time of the year, this countdown would not have been the same without you. I love you so much and I cannot wait until our next Christmas, these days bring us closer and I will cherish them forever. Thank you for making my past Christmases amazing. 
Lots of love,
[insert your name] xox

For your partner/husband/boyfriend
Dear my one and only [insert their name],
A Christmas is nothing without you and [I am so glad that I get to spend it with you/I am so sad you can't be here] all our days have come to Christmas. It's an amazing time of year where everyone can come together and I truly think that we have bonded together so much over the [months/year/weeks :P.] You have made my days one to remember. Thank you.
Lots of love,
[insert your name] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh my god, do you know how hard it is to make three unique cards. It's awesome though to see the look on someone's face when they receive your card. I love that heart warming feeling when they smile and say that they love it. I hope all of you have enjoyed my blogmas so far. I have loved writing it for y'all. Teehee :D

-Sweet Kawaii-

Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Top 10 Songs | Blogmas Day 5

Heyyy guys so if you know me then you will know that I am OBSESSED with music, I know a lot of artists and am constantly adding songs to my Spotify Playlists. So here are my top 10 songs:

10) Confident - Demi Lovato
Position on the charts right now: Not in Top 40
Release Date: 9th October 2015
Even though this song is a couple of months old now, it's really catchy and the video is really memorable so Demi obviously had to get a place in my charts. It is set in a prison and Demi is a prisoner, can't ever imagine that, she's such a good girl (; Love you Demi

9) What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
Position on the charts right now: 4th
Release Date of video: 30th August 2015
I love this song it's got such a catchy beat and you can't help but dance to it, I feel that Justin Bieber's songs are getting better and better and soon the whole charts will be Justin Bieber songs. Well done JB (:

8) Levels - Nick Jonas
Position on the charts right now: Not in the Top 40
Release Date: 30th August 2015
I am sure some of you have an obsession with Nick Jonas, his songs keep getting better, from Chains to Jealous and now Levels. However, the style of his video 'Levels' is really similar to the one in 'Jealous.' I like listening to this surprisingly more than 'What Do You Mean.'

7) IN2 - WSTRN 
Position on the charts right now: 9th
Release Date of video: October 13th 2015
OMG this song is super catchy and I love how creative the video is. Let's hope WSTRN aren't going to be a one hit wonder because their songs are awesome!!!!!! And by the way they are very NEW artists so you won't have heard of any other songs apart from this from WSTRN

6) Perfect - One Direction
Position on the charts right now: 12th
Release Date of video: October 20th 2015
WAAAAAAAAAAAAH I miss One Direction so much and this song is awesome and so is their new album: Made in the AM. I can't wait until they're back together. I think they're songs are better than when they were with Zayn Malik. But this song is amazing, go and see it if you haven't already.

5) Sax - Fleur East
Position on the charts right now: 6th
Release Date of video: November 26th 2015
Yay it's everyone's favourite 2015 X-Factor contestant she's so amazing and I was so shocked when she came 2nd. But she's got a signing and now she's making the most amazingly catchy tunes. I am so proud of Fleur and her hair is just GOALS!!!!!!!!!!

4) Sorry - Justin Bieber
Position on the charts right now: 2nd
Release Date of video: 22nd October 2015

Aaaaah so much dancing, I love the dancers in the video and it's awesome. But I wish JB was in the video... I love how catchy this is it's so awesome, IS IT TOO LATE TO SAY SORRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

3) Hello - Adele
Position on the charts: 3rd <-- Yay Twinsies
Release Date of video: 22nd October 2015

The queen is back with an amazing chart topper and an even more amazing album. She is so down to earth in her video and it's her singing is so emotional. Her vocal range is amazing and I'm so upset that I have out worn the song and now I know the lyrics way too much and there's no point of me listening to it ): Sorry Adele ): I would LOVE to make you number 1. But I am singing other songs more than Hello )':
#Daydreamer (Adele's fanbase name -.- like you DIDNT know :O)
2) Focus - Ariana Grande
Position on the charts: 28th
Release Date of video: October 29th 2015
The purple hair is my new bae Ariana! She is gorgeous and I love her high voice and the catchy chorus, I can't believe how quickly it went out of the charts though ): Her video is amazing though and I love how she's the main attraction and the colour scheme is just... AMAZING!!!!!!! Hearts in my eyes Ariana :O

Now let's have a reminder of what I have mentioned

7) IN2 ~ WSTRN

AND FIRST IS....................................................

1) Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
Position on the charts: 1st <--- OMG TWINSIES
Release Date of video: November 14th

Just saying the dancing is so beautiful, and this is what your relationship should not look like. The lyrics are so amazing and I love the fact that Justin is mixing slow and fast in his album, it really suits him +JustinBieberVEVO Well done!! This song is so amazing and it is really easy to sing and the lyrics just flow out of your mouth. I love singing and it's my passion and this is my favourite song to sing right now, it fits my vocal range perfectly. I <3 this song sooooo much (:

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Great News (: And a reminder (;

Hello guys it’s me again, Yoshi :) and I have changed my name to Sweet Kawaii because you guys are the sweet and I’m the kawaii. I love all of you for supporting me, even though since yesterday I have only gained 1 follower I think that I might not make it to 100 followers. However, I would love to think that I can, but obviously I will keep trying right up until the end. It is worth it, because you are all amazing and I think you deserve having an editing blog.
But of course I will only post it unless we get to 100 followers. So basically, I was just thinking about what I should blog about so I was thinking and thinking and thought I should do a chatty blog. Also, I am breaking out the good news.


Yay, so I am going to blog every day from now on, or as much as I can seeing as I have the Blogger app. I hope this will draw in more readers and I hope I will soon start to grow my Y-Crew and later on when I have permission to start a YouTube channel I hope that I will be really successful. I have total faith in my readers to help me keep my blog alive and I want it to keep on going.

Also, if you guys want to tell me your blog in the comments either on Google+ or on my website then feel free, I try really hard to see everyone's blogs when I find out about them. If I don't comment then don't worry, I definitely will try to and let you know any suggestions etc...

I feel that everyone should be able to express themselves through the Internet, it helps trust me, everyone on the Internet is really kind to me. And if anyone is mean just click 'Block' and 'Report' and problem solved. I will go on more about bullying online probably later on in Blogmas. Haha, it feels weird saying Blogmas instead of Vlogmas. But I hope that later on in life I will be able to make Vlogmases. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D
Anyway this is the end of this blog, so until tomorrow I will make you a blog, and all I have to do is give you lots and lots of Christmassy love c: I wish I could see who reads by blogs so I can give them shout outs but unfortunately I cannot, well some people may not want to be identified and I respect that. But hopefully my page views will go up (; I love you all, even you mini anonymous ones :D
<3 Sweet Kawaii <3

Friday, 4 December 2015

Vlogmas and lots of Christmassy Love

Hey my lovely Y-Crew so this is my first post using the Blogger app. I'm kind of still learning because it's really different to using my laptop. Also, I am VERY aware that Christmas is a couple of days away. Everyone is counting down the days and I can hardly keep up with watching my Vlogmas Videos on YouTube because I am subscribed to many people.
So I am really happy that Apple have given their devices an update to accommodate Christmassy emojis like Santa and a Christmas tree. But just search them on google images and you will be able to see these amazing emojis.

Also, if some of you have been noticing my inactivity on Google+ in terms of posts, it is because I haven't got the Google+ app that is because I follow all my followers (around 70 people + my favourite YouTubers and singers) so I get a lot of notifications from Google+ and they send emails to my Gmail so... This is how many Gmail notifications I have. So yesterday when it was actual numbers not dots it had 25,257 emails. And boy, that's a lot! I keep it deleted.

So enough about gmail! I want to know about your Christmas, I want to know if you even CELEBRATE Christmas, because myself I am not a Christian. But I respect the fact of Christmas and love it all the same as it is someone's celebration and I feel everyone should celebrate celebrating  that sounds awesome but dumb 

So I am wishing everyone a Happy Holiday, not a merry Christmas because some people don't celebrate it. And everyone has holidays so happy holidays everyone. Lots and lots and lots of love from your one and only friend,