Saturday, 12 December 2015

My Fave Popstars | Blogmas Day 10 & 11

Okay guys so, this is linked to the other music blog post that I made and it's my favourite pop stars. I am doing 10 people but it's not in order because I love them all equally and I love them for different reasons, also I may not have put all of my favourite singers but here are just some. Additionally, I just made this intro so you guys don't hate on me :) Also I couldn't make a blog yesterday so this is yesterday's and today's blog (:
1) Ariana Grande

Of course Miss Grande had to be in this, she is so glamorous and her voice in unbelieveable, and I am obsessed with her new song 'Focus' 
If you want to know this picture is of Ariana Grande in the 2015 Grammys.
FOCUS ON HER, F-F-FOCUS ON HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is #BodyGoals and #HairGoals 

Just saying :)

2) Taylor Swift
Oh my god, I am just obsessed with pictures from the Grammys, everyone just looks so majestic and everything. She is so gorgeous and this dress fits her perfectly, she knows how to make songs for everyone: catchy and upbeat or slow and emotional. I think she's really brave by going through all of those break ups and I'm so glad she made a video with all of her friends in the video BAD BLOOOOOOOD!!!!! :)

3) Selena Gomez
Omigod this picture is #GOALS AF. This is her Adidias photo shoot and she looks so cute. I love her little baby face and her hair is gorgeous. I <3 Selena so much and she's so cuteeeeeeeee and her songs are amazing!!!!!

4) Adele
All hail the British Queen of Music. She knows how to SING THOUGH!!!!!!!!  Most music artists dream about getting even ONE grammy and the next thing you see is that Adele has TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) Katy Perry

This dress is my bae and don't even get me STARTED on her cute hair. I love her so much and her singing is so beautiful, I was devastated when my friends told me she was illuminati. And I haven't heard a song from her for ages, I hope she hasn't gone off singing because she is amazing and I <3 her.

6) Justin Bieber
Here is a new entry that is going to stay here because his latest album has been amazing, I haven't really been interested in him before but now after What Do You Mean has come out I am devoted. I love the song Love Yourself and he picks the best dancers for his videos. Well done JB x

7) Little Mix
These girls are so pretty and cute and unique, I have been their fans since they released their song Wings. I used to love One Direction but then fell in love with LM's songs and that's it.
I <3 Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy

8) Ellie Goulding

Dear Ellie,
I need your hair and your voice, thank you xxx
Sweet Kawaii xxx

So guys that's all I have for this blog post, I hope you like it :) 
Lots of love,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

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