Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Top 10 Songs | Blogmas Day 5

Heyyy guys so if you know me then you will know that I am OBSESSED with music, I know a lot of artists and am constantly adding songs to my Spotify Playlists. So here are my top 10 songs:

10) Confident - Demi Lovato
Position on the charts right now: Not in Top 40
Release Date: 9th October 2015
Even though this song is a couple of months old now, it's really catchy and the video is really memorable so Demi obviously had to get a place in my charts. It is set in a prison and Demi is a prisoner, can't ever imagine that, she's such a good girl (; Love you Demi

9) What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
Position on the charts right now: 4th
Release Date of video: 30th August 2015
I love this song it's got such a catchy beat and you can't help but dance to it, I feel that Justin Bieber's songs are getting better and better and soon the whole charts will be Justin Bieber songs. Well done JB (:

8) Levels - Nick Jonas
Position on the charts right now: Not in the Top 40
Release Date: 30th August 2015
I am sure some of you have an obsession with Nick Jonas, his songs keep getting better, from Chains to Jealous and now Levels. However, the style of his video 'Levels' is really similar to the one in 'Jealous.' I like listening to this surprisingly more than 'What Do You Mean.'

7) IN2 - WSTRN 
Position on the charts right now: 9th
Release Date of video: October 13th 2015
OMG this song is super catchy and I love how creative the video is. Let's hope WSTRN aren't going to be a one hit wonder because their songs are awesome!!!!!! And by the way they are very NEW artists so you won't have heard of any other songs apart from this from WSTRN

6) Perfect - One Direction
Position on the charts right now: 12th
Release Date of video: October 20th 2015
WAAAAAAAAAAAAH I miss One Direction so much and this song is awesome and so is their new album: Made in the AM. I can't wait until they're back together. I think they're songs are better than when they were with Zayn Malik. But this song is amazing, go and see it if you haven't already.

5) Sax - Fleur East
Position on the charts right now: 6th
Release Date of video: November 26th 2015
Yay it's everyone's favourite 2015 X-Factor contestant she's so amazing and I was so shocked when she came 2nd. But she's got a signing and now she's making the most amazingly catchy tunes. I am so proud of Fleur and her hair is just GOALS!!!!!!!!!!

4) Sorry - Justin Bieber
Position on the charts right now: 2nd
Release Date of video: 22nd October 2015

Aaaaah so much dancing, I love the dancers in the video and it's awesome. But I wish JB was in the video... I love how catchy this is it's so awesome, IS IT TOO LATE TO SAY SORRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

3) Hello - Adele
Position on the charts: 3rd <-- Yay Twinsies
Release Date of video: 22nd October 2015

The queen is back with an amazing chart topper and an even more amazing album. She is so down to earth in her video and it's her singing is so emotional. Her vocal range is amazing and I'm so upset that I have out worn the song and now I know the lyrics way too much and there's no point of me listening to it ): Sorry Adele ): I would LOVE to make you number 1. But I am singing other songs more than Hello )':
#Daydreamer (Adele's fanbase name -.- like you DIDNT know :O)
2) Focus - Ariana Grande
Position on the charts: 28th
Release Date of video: October 29th 2015
The purple hair is my new bae Ariana! She is gorgeous and I love her high voice and the catchy chorus, I can't believe how quickly it went out of the charts though ): Her video is amazing though and I love how she's the main attraction and the colour scheme is just... AMAZING!!!!!!! Hearts in my eyes Ariana :O

Now let's have a reminder of what I have mentioned

7) IN2 ~ WSTRN

AND FIRST IS....................................................

1) Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
Position on the charts: 1st <--- OMG TWINSIES
Release Date of video: November 14th

Just saying the dancing is so beautiful, and this is what your relationship should not look like. The lyrics are so amazing and I love the fact that Justin is mixing slow and fast in his album, it really suits him +JustinBieberVEVO Well done!! This song is so amazing and it is really easy to sing and the lyrics just flow out of your mouth. I love singing and it's my passion and this is my favourite song to sing right now, it fits my vocal range perfectly. I <3 this song sooooo much (:

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