Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Family Is Life | Blogmas Day 14 & 15

I don't know about you but love means everything to me, they stick with me through thick and thin and I know I can depend on them. They will not change their love for me as they know me so well and know me even more than my best friend. I love every member of my family equally and could not choose between them they are all amazing. Thank you for sticking with me even though I am a very stubborn and weird kid :D.

I have gone through a lot of difficult things throughout my life and they were the only people who were consistent and stuck with me. I love them so and I love all those people who are in my very distant family. I know I would love you if I met you :D.

Even though this is very short it is very important to me and I wouldn't swap my family to be empress of the universe. They mean so much to me and yes :)
Lots of love,
-Sweet Kawaii- xox

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