Saturday, 5 December 2015

Great News (: And a reminder (;

Hello guys it’s me again, Yoshi :) and I have changed my name to Sweet Kawaii because you guys are the sweet and I’m the kawaii. I love all of you for supporting me, even though since yesterday I have only gained 1 follower I think that I might not make it to 100 followers. However, I would love to think that I can, but obviously I will keep trying right up until the end. It is worth it, because you are all amazing and I think you deserve having an editing blog.
But of course I will only post it unless we get to 100 followers. So basically, I was just thinking about what I should blog about so I was thinking and thinking and thought I should do a chatty blog. Also, I am breaking out the good news.


Yay, so I am going to blog every day from now on, or as much as I can seeing as I have the Blogger app. I hope this will draw in more readers and I hope I will soon start to grow my Y-Crew and later on when I have permission to start a YouTube channel I hope that I will be really successful. I have total faith in my readers to help me keep my blog alive and I want it to keep on going.

Also, if you guys want to tell me your blog in the comments either on Google+ or on my website then feel free, I try really hard to see everyone's blogs when I find out about them. If I don't comment then don't worry, I definitely will try to and let you know any suggestions etc...

I feel that everyone should be able to express themselves through the Internet, it helps trust me, everyone on the Internet is really kind to me. And if anyone is mean just click 'Block' and 'Report' and problem solved. I will go on more about bullying online probably later on in Blogmas. Haha, it feels weird saying Blogmas instead of Vlogmas. But I hope that later on in life I will be able to make Vlogmases. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D
Anyway this is the end of this blog, so until tomorrow I will make you a blog, and all I have to do is give you lots and lots of Christmassy love c: I wish I could see who reads by blogs so I can give them shout outs but unfortunately I cannot, well some people may not want to be identified and I respect that. But hopefully my page views will go up (; I love you all, even you mini anonymous ones :D
<3 Sweet Kawaii <3

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