Thursday, 1 October 2015

Five Top Tips ft An Apology

I need to apologize guys, I haven't been consistent with my blog. It's just I've been so worked up with school and homework. But I promise I will write a lot more. So I'm really sorry to all my followers who were looking forward to my blog. I hope you're happy this is posted, but you might be sad because it's just one big apology.

So... Now we've got THAT out of the way. I am going to give you 'Five top tips to survive Year 7.' If you're in America Year 7 is Grade 6. However, we move school after Grade 5 (Year 6) to a new school and stay there until Year 11 (Grade 10.) It must be really confusing!!

So my first top tip is...
1) Don't worry, just chill
I'm saying that because if ypu're more relaxed when you enter secondary school, you will look much cooler and people will see that you're confident and you're more likely to have more friends (it worked for me)

Top tip numero two is...!!!
2) Just do your homework

Homework is going to be there whether you liked it or not, but if you just do it and do it well then you're teachers are more likely 
to like you and then you will feel much better at school instead of getting constantly screamed at because you're not doing your homework.

Number Three of my Terrific Top Tips is..,
Join all clubs that you want to go to!
That's because you will be able to find people with the same interests as you, it will make your experience much more fun. And my form tutor (my teacher) is always encouraging us to join all the clubs we can.

Top Tip Number Four is...
Try to make the most of your lessons
It will make them seem much more fun even the ones that you don't like! It works for me :P Hahaha!!!

Always make another group of friends apart from your primary school friends
My friend, she was my primary school friend and she ditched me because I was hanging out with other people. If I hadn't made another group of friends then I would be all lonely. Make sure that you don't stick with one friend because you will regret it later.

So that is the end of my lovely five top tips!!! I hope it helps you like it helped me!!! 

I love you my dear Y-Crew xox

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