Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How to become a chocolate ninja!

Teehee!! I have a chocolate theme on this blog post. I lurve chocolate!! Doesn't everyone like it? But I think this colour is a bit too light... Meh! Who cares?!
Anyway, I just really have this obsession with chocolate, it's just when you're home alone, the first thing you think is 'food' I don't know if it's just me but that's all I think about. I go to the cupboard (it's quite hard to reach because all of the treats are in the cupboard.)
All of the sweets, biscuits and CHOCOLATES are stored up there, so I have to open the cupboard and try and keep my balance WHILE rifling inside the cupboard to grab treats. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT open packets that are closed, because then it will be so obvious that you have been looking in the sweet jar/cupboard etc...
I'm lucky because my mum keeps a pack of JAFFA CAKES and CHOCOLATES and BISCUITS in the cupboard and 90% of the time it's open. So I get to snack on loads of things. But you have to be careful, and you have to know the approximate time that someone is coming back.
Also, to have the maximum amount of fun that you can, put your favourite song at the moment and jam out with that in your bedroom. Trust me, it is soooooo fun!!!
Oh and guys, next blog post will be about my favourite books to read, and they will consist of some Jacqueline Wilson books and even some YouTuber's books.
Please please PLEASE tell me in the comments if +Tanya Burr has a book. And if she hasn't please +Tanya Burr can you make a book, I will totes buy it!!


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