Saturday, 3 October 2015

My Own Shout Outs

Well something I did was a total flop :P No one wanted to give a shout out to a loved one. So I am giving shout outs to people that mean so much to me and I can't live without. They are on Google+ (Gmail) so they know what I'm saying about them. And it's also so you lovely Y-Crew members can follow them :)

Firstly, I want to give a shout out to:
+Praje Yogendran for always being there for me, and still being loyal to me even though we don't go to the same school. I am so lucky to have you in my life :) I hope that other people get to experience how amazing you are :)

The second shout out is going to:
+Sneha Bhose for being such a kind and helpful person, I had my phone broken and I couldn't call you. You got so worried and even called my mum, this shows that you really care about me. Also, thanks for still talking to me even though we are miles apart.

The third shout out goes to:
Renee P I can't find her account when I tag her :(
This is for being an amazing friend, I know that we're no longer friends (since two weeks ago) but this is before. Thanks for sticking with me on the first day of school even though you were already popular. I wish that our friendship could last forever but alas it is already broken.

And my last one is a family member:
+Badia She is the best auntie ever! She is so kind and really thoughtful, we hardly see her because she lives all the way in Morocco (and she can speak English) but she still loves us all the same. She always treats us when we're at her house and we see all her wonderful kittens they are the cutest little angels ever. She is also an angel herself, she is so beautiful and kind that it is unimaginable :) I love you so much!!!

So go and follow all these amazing people. And until next time. Bub-bye

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