Saturday, 24 October 2015

October Favourites

Hey guys, another month has passed by and it has been AWESOME and I can't want to share with you what I have enjoyed. This is my first favourites blog and I hope you all enjoy it. I also apologize for lagging behind schedule, it is due to the amount of homework I am getting and I don't have enough time. I will try and write a lot more in the upcoming weeks.

So let's start of with music!!
So recently, I have been obsessed with the song called 'Do It Again' by Pia Mia ft Chris Brown and Tyga. It is so amazing and it's got such a good beat. I feel that Pia Mia is so talented and Chris Brown and Tyga just add to the song. It's sooooooooooooooo catchy.

Also, I really like the song 'All Around The World' by Natalie La Rose ft Fetty Wap. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH every single song I listen to is so catchy. So many people have released amazing songs. I will link all of my favourite songs right here and tell you what they are.

1) Confident by Demi Lovato

2) All Around The World by Natalie La Rose ft Fetty Wap

3) Do It Again by Pia Mia ft Chris Brown and Tyga

So if you haven't read my review, GIRL ONLINE BY ZOELLA is my favourite book right now. She has just released Girl Online On Tour (which is the second book) you can go and order it now. I am predicting that Girl Online 2 is going to be even better than the first book.
Everyone in my school is crazy about it!!!!!!!
And once again my favourite make up brand is also by a YouTuber. It is Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I am just IN LOVE, she knows exactly what a girl wants in her make up pallet. She has the perfect colours and the names are even better.
Her nail varnishes look flawless, my favourite is probably 'Duvet Day' which is this blueish grey. It looks SO sophisticated and awesome!! My mum also loves wearing 'Duvet Day.' 
You should go and buy her stuff, they're available in Superdrug and all the cosmetics stores RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

So guys, that is all I have for my October Favourites. I hope you like it. <3 Enjoy Life As It Comes <3 It's time we say bye October and...

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