Tuesday, 15 September 2015

An update you will like :D

So guys I have some GOOD NEWS!!!! 

I am now changing my once a week blogging schedule too... a TWICE A WEEK blogging schedule This is the third blog this week, but it doesn't really count because it is a update... if you get what I mean. So you get blogs on my day-to-day life. So through September I will tell you about trips, detentions :D and subjects (basically a school diary that I literally abuse and only write in it twice a week).

I have cancelled that 75 followers haul thing. I am going to do a cute clothing haul, this is basically based on clothes on the Internet I really like. First I'm going to do a Kid's Haul (10-12) and then a teen one (12+) They will be from normal shops (H&M, Primark etc...) But it will be their INTERNET prices and INTERNET items only.

So I am now thinking of a cute, school themed picture at the end of this blog... Errrm... Smiley face :)
That was to distract you while I was thinking (tee-hee!!) 

*Changes text size* I did that because this blog looked way too short :D now it looks MUCH better. Oh and let me just tell you about what I did today...

I joined TRAMPOLINING in my school... it's so fun!! Even though I am really rubbish at it and feel twice when we were doing freestyle and didn't cover it up professionally. Basically, I just spluttered with laughter whenever I landed something wrong... That's just how I am, unfortunately!

Anyway, look out for the clothing haul that will be coming your way sometime next week. It will be awesome and if you want any specific blogs or something like a shout out for your best friend or family member because I am going to be doing a 'Shout Out' blog for your friends and family. It is best if they have Google+ because then I can tag them on this blog and see what you have said about them. Obviously, I will not take the credit and will tag you into it as well.

So thank you so much guys for reading my beloved Y-Crew. Love you guys soooo much. And now the cute picture is...

It is a cute little girl modelling school uniform :P And once again thanks guys for reading my update and byeeeee x

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