Monday, 14 September 2015

MovieStarPlanet info :D

Hey guys, 
So today for my Gamers I am going to be talking about MovieStarPlanet. Now, I know there are loads of MSP people as it is literally one of the biggest gaming sites ever (not like the MineCraft sort of gaming. Like the Moshi Monsters and WoozWorld sort of gaming).

Now as you most of you know (if you have been reading my first blog), I have a MovieStarPlanet account. It IS a UK account, unfortunately, but if I get loads of people asking for a US account then I may make one. And open gifts and thank for greets and give autos etc...

Yeah... So my MovieStarPlanet account is:
im gorgeous in pink 

I am on Level 13 and I have to level up before I can add any more, so greets and autographs much appreciated.

Anyway, add me and I am going to give some shout outs to some people on MovieStarPlanet that you should add:

 Honey Cherryblossom
The Demon99

Okay, so you can also make me looks and I will wear them and everything, I want to keep my friends and everything because they make MSP more interesting and everything. Anyway, remember to add me on MovieStarPlanet. And I will also be looking to do some MovieStarPlanet Competitions, it's about clothing themes, so if you don't have clothes for a specific colour then don't worry because I will be planning to do them every month.

Okay, so thank you guys for reading. I love my Y-Crew. Don't forget to follow me on Google+ my name is: Friends Call Me Yoshi. And I have one thing left to say...


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