Sunday, 13 September 2015


Well I think you're happy to hear that I change the background of my blog :P it was boringly orange and now it's a beautiful purple and pinkish. If you have any suggestions on what I should change it to then I will happily take suggestions.
I might change it to a blue or something like that. But anyway let's start tagging
+Praje Yogendran +Its Twilight +Iqra Ali +Renee P +Deeaqo Ali +daisy fleur +Trinity Delpho +Sneha Bhose 
Now we MUST get more comment :P from these guys. Anyway whatssup Praje, Twilight, Iqra, Renee, Deeaqo, Daisy,Sneha and Trinity. Welcome to my blog.
I will do a shout out blog next week and I will tag people that are YOUR friends and family and tell them what you think of them. Tag that person in the comments and tell me why you love/like them and I will add them into my tagging blog.
Also give me some suggestions on some things YOU would like to see. Would you like haul blogs? Would you like tagging blogs? Would you like update blogs?
And I would love to be like +Zoella That would be awesome, coz she's amazing, but I have to be +Friends Call Me Yoshi LOL :D I tagged myself
By the way I DO know that the size of this is massive :P