Saturday, 12 September 2015

School So Far...

Well now it's the 12th of September. First week of school in the UK, well the only word I have is:
Like literally, this year is the worst, I have tons of homework and I have 2 pieces due in for Monday. You might say, "oh yeah, that's fine" but seriously, when you have it the homework takes HOURS to complete as it is really difficult. I have literally no idea how it's going to go when I am on the second term.
The most shaking thing happened yesterday as my locker key got stolen :( it was by these girls in my school they were much older than me :( I had my lock cut off to get my stuff that's inside.

But at least it was a cheap lock :P LOL

So yeah, I just need to buy it from the pound shop, I'm not dumb. If I have my locker key and I'm in Year Seven I am almost certain I will either lose it or get it stolen. So obviously I am going to buy a cheap lock. But now they have nothing to get to because I am getting a different lock :P hahahahaha!!!! I am going mental with laughter.

Anyway, what I want YOU guys to do is: comment down below what was your worst experience in school.


  1. Hey! I stumbled upon you from zoella's blog! Homework is the least of your worries! Don't dread on it honey! You will have the best time in school, it may not seem like it now, but it'll happen. I just graduated high school and I have to say that my worst experience in school was when I was in year 11 and I got a dress code citation and had to wear neon purple shorts the whole day because of it! It was horrible!

    Have a lovely day!

    -Haley Forté

  2. Awwwh yes I did write on Zoe's blog ♥ And literally I am a bit intimidated because ALREADY people are getting detentions ♥