Friday, 11 March 2016

The World Has Been Taken Over By Omeada

So today this post is taken by my very cute pretty friend Omeada I hope you like this

Hello people of the world,

Yosra is very annoying you guys thing she is a little angel but she's NOT she is evil she is a little devil.

But that is why she is our friend so for god's sake do want your meant to do to send her posts life is a dark spell which u cant escape so live how u want to live and don't be a judge mental.

From Omeada,

btw yosra is a neek 

That is why she is our best friend one more tip don't try to be someone else be you that's how you get true friend 

something that yosra wanted to say:

So yeah guys, I just got this really brilliant (not) idea to let one of my friends Omeada to take over my post. Obviously, there were a few squabbles during the way. But I am looking to allow my other BEST FRIEND Ayesha to take control too.

Lots of love,
Yosra Chalhani xx

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Love y'all x

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