Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Overview of my blog

Hello guys, thank you for being part of my journey so far and so far it's been amazing, I have loved making this blog for you and I'm going to do a quick overview, so far it has been around 10 months I've had this blog and I will post a 1 year anniversary of my blog on the 8th of June.

I love writing a blog for people, and even though they may not be regulars, it just makes me glad hat someone is watching and giving time to read this and view it.

So I have a few number for y'all: So I have 41 posts and with all their views added all together is approximately 1230, so far! This is around 30 a post. I'm extremely glad with this guys :) I can't really say how many views a month because it doesn't really show but my estimate is 100-200 pageviews.

So I just wanted to thank you guys for being part of this amazing part of my life, I hope I never stop making this blog because it truly makes me really happy and it's just fascinating getting views. Obviously, I'm not going to get Zoella or Pewdiepie views overnight but I'm going to be working on it and I hope I can start getting views like them. But the best part of this all, is making people smile and just having people like me even though they don't know who I am.

I hope I can find time to make more blog posts more frequently, and I really want to get into a habit of posting because I don't want to let people down when I forget. I legit think that I'm going to make a reminder for each week so I don't forget to post because - if you know me - I am a very forgetful person... If my mum read this she'll be nodding so hard, I forget all the time you know!

But posting blogs has almost become a part of me, I enjoy doing it! This is getting a bit repetitive, right? So yaaaaaah!!!

Shout out: +Sneha Bhose Happy birthday to you, it's her birthday and she's such an awesome person, go follow her and send her happy birthdays! She's a lovely friend to me <3 Love youuu xx

Mushy post... But who cares. Love you guys, don't forget to 1'd and share this post and follow me on Google+ to be notified when I post something... And till next time bye guys.

=^-^= Yosra xxx

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