Friday, 11 March 2016


This is dedicated to:
Ayesha, Omeada, Zera, Annie, Hafsa, Hanan, Komal, Samia, Afrina, Yasmin and Rhea
(That's a lot of people but trust me they are my absolute best friends)

I think that I am pretty qualified to talk about friends as I've had many experiences with them - both good and bad ;p

But I don't think I can live without my friends, they mean the absolute world to me and I cannot dream of leaving them. I will go through my experiences with friends, and I hope you guys can relate to my experiences. If you enjoy this post don't forget to 1'd this post and share it :) And you can recommend anything you want in the comment section.

So let's get on with this post:

1) Jealousy

I know this sounds weird, but if you have best friend you can get very jealous when they hang out with others. Sometimes you don't mean it but you just do! You just want them for yourself I guess... and that doesn't always happen because people move on. I've broken up with friends because of my uncontrollable jealousy... I'm not proud of it LOL xD
Sometimes just remember that your friends and your friends for a reason, it's because you're an amazing person and you deserve to be loved - just don't be jealous.

2) Friends of friends
Friends of friends can be quite annoying because they always hang out with the people you love the most and you feel left out... I understand this! Just try and make friends with them and don't try and get under their feet - it doesn't get you anywhere. 
You know the saying... The more the merrier. I've had the feeling this new girl came into my class and she started hanging out with my friends and I felt so upset! But I made friends with her and now she's great fun to hang out with!

3) Old Friends
This is when you've moved school or something and you've got your friend's number and stuff... But you're losing touch... You're trying not to lose her but you just are and it's upsetting you because you've been friends with her for so long and you don't think it's time to give them up. Even if they've lost you... You don't want to lose them. All I can say about this one is...
...People are going to come and go in your life and you will always find better people, you can hang onto the memories and those are the things that matter to most and they are going to last longer than any friendship or relationship and you are strong my little Y-Crew :)

So yeah guys, this was a very mushy post but you guys deserve a mushy post hahaha XD Love y'all and don't forget to 1'd and share this post and follow me on G+

-Yosra- xox

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