Sunday, 8 November 2015

YouTube Channel Recommendation :)

If you're like me you are a normal human who likes the Internet. Because if you weren't, let's be honest, you wouldn't be checking out my blog about YouTube wouldn't you?

So I think I am very easy to impress on YouTube because I am subscribed to half a billion people. Including the 'famous YouTubers' such as: Zoella, Thatcher Joe, PointlessBlog etc...

Today in this blog I will be promoting/recommending all of my favourite YouTubers that have under five million subscribers.

1) 4KidsGaming
So this channel consists of four siblings, Cole, Eden, Gabriella and Tyler Skory. They all do amazing gaming videos. Personally, the one I like the best is Gabriella (the girl at the bottom left corner of the picture) she does MovieStarPlanet and Episode videos. But if you like MineCraft videos then watch Eden (the top left person).

They are full of energy and fun to watch :) So if you like gaming then I suggest watching these and also check out their main channel 'The Skorys.'
Subscribers at the time of this blog: 21,595

2) SmallishBeans
He is also a Gaming sort of person. He does mostly MineCraft videos, you may know him from his girlfriend LDShadowLady who I will mention near the end because you may start becoming tired from all of these gaming people in one go.
Also, he is a really good crafter in MineCraft. he plays on the same server as his good friends. They all craft amazing houses which you will see in some of his videos.

He is extremely funny, he is British so people from America, you may not understand him all that well :D
Subscribers at the time of this blog: 557,328

3) MamaMiaMakeup
Here's one for the more girly people (I am a middle-ish girl, I like fashion and gaming AND sports.) Mia is an extremely chic fashion blogger. She does amazing fashion videos and make up tutorials. She is extremely high energy and if you like MyLifeAsEva or krazyrayray then MamaMiaMakeup is the person ALSO for you.
Subscribers at the time of this blog: 1,845,389
4) Haschak Sisters
The Haschak Sisters are four sisters aged 10-15, they sing amazing covers and are good friends with MattyBRaps. However, if you are OK with waiting a long while for their videos (because they don't post videos that often) then go ahead. But if you prefer videos every week then you might be slightly disappointed.
Overall, I love them because they're so sweet and are very smiley and energetic, so they're my style :P
Subscribers at the time of this blog: 428,592
5) LDShadowLady
Yes, this is the last one and YES this is SmallishBeans' girlfriend. She also does a lot of MineCraft and sometimes switches to online games/apps like recently she reviewed the Kitty Power's Matchmaker. She is hilarious and kawaii, personally she is my favourite gaming YouTuber. Her personality alone made me subscribe to her.
Subscribers at the time of this blog: 1,412,714

So guys that is all I have for you, I hope you like it and if you want me to recommend your YouTube channel just email me on:
And until my next blog... SEE YA MY Y-CREW xxx

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