Friday, 21 August 2015

My (future) YouTube channel

Hello again guys and I have a very strong statement, MY HOLIDAY IS SO BORING!!
The first exciting thing I am going to do is tomorrow, that is to go to London (for a few hours) and then buy my secondary school uniform. That is the FIRST thing. And don't get me wrong my half-brother's iMac is interesting, but that was the only part I remembered from the sleepover at his house -_-
Okay, so I am now seeing my page views are like 7-9 and that's not actually very good compared to Zoella who gets thousands! But I guess, to get loads of page views, I have to have a YouTube channel. Well THAT is never gonna happen for another five years or so. Just tell your children to look out for me, I'll start around their time xD

Also, please comment requests on what I should write about, especially gaming. I'm an expert xP
Anyway, see you guys later :D

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