Saturday, 4 July 2015

Blocked on MSP?!?!

Dear Google and the Internet,
OK so I'm really mad at the people who work at MovieStarPlanet (and Shane Dawson for hating MSP) because about two weeks ago I got an unnecessary warning from MSP, then, two days afterwards I got a SECOND unnecessary one!! And about four days ago, I got locked out for three days. My friend (TwilightDawn1234 <--- MSP name) said that they only lock you out for one day to begin with.
So I went like "OMG, maybe I got hacked!!" No, I did not!! It was a genuine blockage from MovieStarPlanet. That's really unfair! Has anyone experienced this. Also, if you are low on StarCoins here's a little cheat for you. So, usually you have 3 or 4 or 5 back up accounts, it's better if they're old. So, get an old back up account and log in 250 spare StarCoins would be good, and they usually are over Level 6 when you get there (if not you can get the "Birthday Quest" completed if they're over 2 years old and you can get 10K fame) so then connect your email onto it and you will get 300 starcoins.
Afterwards, if they're old they would bring in the new quests onto it that are worth 100 StarCoins per quest, complete these until you have about 1,000 StarCoins or more. Then search up your original account and buy wishys for your account and then open them... Ta-da some new clothes ENJOY!!

Sorry if I was confusing!! Also, I would like to talk about SimsFreeplay and how generous they are! So basically a month ago, I was struggling on this quest and they gave me 5 LP to skip it (obviously I didn't) and they didn't take the LP's away (yay!) and today they gave me another 5 LP because I was struggling with ANOTHER quest and I used THAT but let's not talk about it!!

I'm trying to make you read as much as possible because Summer is almost here and you need to keep reading dude(ss)!!! OK, onto CA$H and PRIMARK!! I have around £11 (not bad considering I am young and get 0 pocket money) I spent my birthday money (£15 <--- #Ungenerous!!) On a cap and a tie die maxi-dress GRAND TOTAL = £9!!
I love primark coz they're soooo cheap. OK I'm going to release Part 2 soon coz my hands are hurting :( LOL

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