Monday, 8 June 2015

I have a BLOG!!!!!!

Dear the Internet,
Hey this is basically my online diary, I will be talking a lot about moviestarplanet. On which my account is im gorgeous in pink I am on Level 11 and all you need to do is say:
I saw your blogger blog and send me a friend request and I will accept. I add all levels and I am a non-VIP. I add both genders and like everything I can :D
I'm trying to keep this blog confidental so no ages or names will be revealed, and if I slip in some names they will be fake.
If you have anything you want me to do such as talk about some games or something you can choose from the list below:
- My Singing Monsters
- My Talking Angela (non hacked one)
- MovieStarPlanet AKA MSP
- Sims Freeplay
I will also try and reply to you ASAP, enjoy seeing your comments.
Lots of love,
.:Wish I Was Yasmin:.

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